Wednesday, January 30, 2013

Pattern Dilemma

Have you ever have this problem?  You have some amazing fabric that you're saving for the perfect pattern. Then one day that perfect pattern finally comes along.  You debate long and hard over whether or not it really is perfect before finally deciding that it is in fact "the one" and you can't live without it.

Then, just before you're about to start cutting, you get cold feet and wonder if you've made the right decision.  Is it really "the one"?

This is the dilemma I'm having right now.  I want to start working on my blue eyelet dress.  I've decided that the perfect lining was flesh colored mystery fabric that I found at Joann's this weekend. It's probably 100% polyester or very close.  Not ideal, but I don't care because it fits my vision:

Navy Eyelet

I've envisioned a flowing dress that would be perfect for warm weather.  I usually gravitate toward skin tight or A-line, but wanted something a bit fluffier with this. I wanted fun and girly......or did I?

Enter Colette's Chantilly pattern.  I decided that this would be perfect. It's was "the one" for this fabric.

Chantilly Pattern and Fabric

I even made a muslin of the bodice last night. The fit is great, but now I'm completely second guessing my pattern choice.  I'm not sure if the style is me and I'm not sure if it does the fabric justice. Don't get me wrong, it's an absolutely beautiful pattern, but something is stopping me.

I want the fabric to be the star of this, not necessarily the design.  I'm worried that all of the gathers on Chantilly will take away from the eyelet pattern, and that's what I really want to highlight. 

I'm also second guessing the dress design on me.  I love how it looks on others, but not sure if it's completely right for me because it's not what I usually choose.

I'm thinking of making another Cambie instead. "But didn't you just make one?"  Why yes I did, but that was the A-line version. I think that if I make the full skirt version with this fabric, I'll be happier. I'll get a more fitted bodice, which will be the perfect canvas to display the eyelet pattern, achieving my main goal. And, I'll also get the fluffy skirt that I want, but won't feel like the bodice gathers, the skirt gathers and the fabric are all competing.

I do want to sew a Chantilly, because I do think it would be fun to wear.  Maybe I'll just use it as an excuse to purchase more fabric next week!

I'd love to hear what other people do in this situation.  What happens when you have what you think is the perfect pattern and then second guess yourself.  Do you just go ahead with the original pattern?  Run out to the store and purchase more pattern-appropriate fabric? Or, do you agonize over the decision so much that nothing gets made? (I'm trying not to be guilty of the last one.)

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