Wednesday, May 29, 2013

Finished Denim Beignet

I was way too impatient to wear my new Beignet to wait until I sewed on belt loops. I may change my mind some day, but I'm good without them for now.

Denim Beignet with Red Buttons

(The striped shirt in these pictures is one of my many Renfrews.)

This fabric is a lightweight stretch denim purchased at Vogue Fabrics, and was leftover from my first pair of Thurlows. The red lining was quilting cotton that I picked up at Joann's while shopping for buttons. It's not really suitable for lining, but it's red! And looks like fish scales! I couldn't pass up this awesomeness just because it was quilting cotton.

Interior Detail of Denim Beignet

Also, I love the fact that I got to use red thread for everything! Red top stitching. Red buttonholes. Red serger thread. Love it! I also want to say that I love making buttonholes now. I've never had a machine that made them well (or at all) before my Husqvarna. It's made all the difference in the world.

Construction details: Someday, I'll be able to correctly judge my skirt size. I don't have this problem with dresses, just skirts. I try to take into account ease, finished measurements, the fact that there is a big difference between my waist and hip measurements, and the fact that I have to make sure the darn thing fits over my ass.  Even with all that in mind, I always end up choosing a few sizes too big and having to make major adjustments.

Denim Beignet Back View

For this skirt, I cut a size 10 and started taking it in at the waist. I didn't compare my final measurements to the pattern, but I'd estimate that the waist is now closer to a size 2 or 4. The hips were taken in slightly in the process, and are probably somewhere between an 8 and 10.

"Design Features" (aka - screw ups): I accidentally cut the shell center back panel from the lining pattern piece instead of the correct shell piece. Unfortunately, that piece was about 4" shorter and I didn't have extra denim to recut. It's not bad, but it means that the skirt is just a little bit shorter than I prefer.

This is my second Beignet, and the second time I stopped following directions midway through construction. I don't know why, and I don't blame the pattern or instructions. Halfway through, I realize that I've stopped paying attention and I go off on my own. It also means that I completely ignore things like sewing twill tape along the waistband.  Someday...

Denim Beignet

The verdict: I love it. This skirt is going to be in heavy rotation this summer. I'm sure I'll make another Beignet, and am positive I'll stop paying attention to instructions, leave off the belt loops, and decide I need to go with a size 10 again because that's just how I roll.


  1. I love your version of this skirt! I especially love the gorgeous lining :)

  2. I love it! And I'm interested to read that your waist to hip ratio is just about the same as mine - for me that means this pattern is doable and works for body shapes like ours. Yay!

    1. Based on the sizing chat, it looks like I should have cut a 4 for my waist and graded up to a 12 for the hips. I don't remember why I originally decided on a 10, but it's worked so far :)

      I wasn't sure that the pattern would work well for me the first time I made it, and was pleasantly surprised by how cute it looked.

  3. This is so cute! Glad to hear it works on someone of our pear shaped proportions :) The picture from the back looks goooood! *wink