Monday, May 27, 2013

Work In Progress - Beignet

Here's a little sneak preview of my current work in progress, Colette's Beignet skirt:

Denim Beignet In Progress

This was supposed to be a project to use up the remaining denim from my Thurlows. I don't know if it's just me, but I usually end up buying more fabric and supplies just to finish up what are supposed to be stash-busting projects. No complaints, just find it funny. For this one, I had to run out to purchase red lining (because this absolutely had to have red lining), and the perfect red buttons.

Denim Beignet In Progress

Macy was kind enough to lend her fabulous tail to this picture.

I'm having fun just taking my time and enjoying all of the red topstitching on the denim. The only thing left is to sew on belt loops.

One more thing,

I'm not sure how well this will show up on your screen, but this is a shot of my blue stained fingers. I pre-washed the denim, but am still ending up with serious case of blue hands every every time I work on the skirt! Hopefully, this little added bonus feature of the fabric wears off after a few more washes.