Friday, May 31, 2013

What to do with 1 3/8 Yard of Fabric?

I have been on an eyelet kick lately, however, really nice eyelet has been hard to find. I lucked out last year at Britex with the navy eyelet for my Cambie. Unfortunately I probably won't get to San Francisco until this fall, and I haven't been all that successful shopping locally.

Until now:

I just scored 1 3/8Yards of yellow eyelet from Joann's! (It's a lot more yellow in person, trust me.) It was all that was left on the bolt, and it is beautiful. I was really looking for eyelet that's more special and more complex than the ones I normally see.  This fit the bill, and yellow was high on my list of preferred colors.

The problem now is what the heck do I do with so little yardage? I really want a Lonsdale and I'm just delusional enough to pull out the pattern pieces and see how far I can make this stretch. Maybe the top of the Lonsdale pattern combined with the bottom of something else? Maybe continue to fuel my Beignet kick and make another one? Maybe a tube with neck, armholes and a bit of elastic at the waist? 


  1. Quite a while ago, I saw a blog post* where the blogger had used the Cambie bodice and added a peplum to make a super cute top. Something to consider if you can't fit a dress or skirt out of it!


  2. This is such a Great suggestion Gail! Thank you, I really love this idea! ( And, I really love the Cambie top shown in that post.)