Thursday, May 2, 2013

Who's Afraid of the Big Bad Thurlow?

Um, I think I might be...

Crazy, right? I don't think that these pants are the most complicated garment I've ever sewn. Not that I consider them a beginner project, I just think I've tackled more complex projects without a care in the world. I've been putting off sewing this pattern for months now, and I'm trying to figure out why because I really do want a pair of Thurlows!
I think I'm seriously psyching myself out.  When I was young, I made a few pairs of pants. Nothing difficult and they fit "okay", but that was before I learned that you could, and should, alter patterns for correct fit.  I also make lounge pants all the time. I'm a rockstar when it comes to lounge pants! I'm not sure if that's really a thing to brag about, but there you go.  If you don't believe me, check this out:

Lounge Pants Party

These were all 2011 Christmas gifts, using my go-to pattern McCall's 3019. Of course, the only fit issues with these are length and cutting the right size elastic for the waistband.

I think the problem is that I now have too much knowledge. I've read so many blogs where people struggled to perfect their pants fit through through multiple iterations. I don't just mean Thurlows; there are many pants-related fitting posts out there.  Now I'm worried about crotch length, the pants being too tight, or too loose, having to make a gazillion muslins to get it right, etcetera, etcetera.

I cut out most of the pieces that I would need for the muslin weeks ago. I think I'm just worried about messing up my awesome Mood fabric that I've earmarked for this project.  Couldn't you just make a wearable muslin? Well, yes I could but I don't currently have suitable fabric in my stash and I'm trying not to buy new fabric until I use up some of my old stuff first. (I do this every few months, just to see how long it will last.)

So, no more procrastinating. Work permitting, I'm going to start sewing up my muslin tonight! I'm not going to have major fit issues, and I'll be cutting out and not ruining my awesome striped wool this weekend!

Sew me!

And if I mess up, it's only fabric right? It sure isn't doing me any good in a box on a shelf.


  1. Oh, I hear you! I really want some pants too (probably Burda 7447 or Simplicity 1619) but have that same fear of getting started - even though I've made the Colette Clovers and can use my adjustments from those as clues for fit! This whole fitting thing is really a big can of worms!

    Good luck with this - hope it all goes much more smoothly than you expect it to!

  2. Thank you! I'm armed with half a dozen links to different pants fitting posts if something goes wrong, so keep your fingers crossed!

  3. I think you are right about too much knowledge sometimes being a bad thing. There are things I threw myself into as a new sewist - when I didn't know the thing was challenging - that I sometimes hesitate on now. I'm excited to see how it goes! One of the challenges I've set for myself this year is to sew a pair of jeans, and I need to get started on them soon!

    1. Sometimes I miss being a blissfully ignorant sewer. My clothes didn't turn out nearly as nice, and I'd probably be embarrassed to be seen in public wearing them, but the process was a lot less stressful! I've yet to tackle jeans (and may not for a long time after this process), but they're on my list also.