Monday, May 20, 2013


I'm excited to finally be able to share the news! I was selected to be a pattern tester for the latest Sewaholic pattern, Tofino. I seriously did a little happy dance when I found out the pattern was for lounge pants! Lounge Pants! I LOVE Lounge Pants! Pick me please!!! I did a second, longer happy dance when I was selected.

And look at them! (Well, don't look too closely at the bow, it's a bit wrinkled.)

Pink Polka Dotted Flannel Tofino

So cute! I honestly didn't have high hopes for this polka dot flannel. It was left over from the great lounge pants Christmas project of '11 (first picture in this post). As soon as I saw this pattern, a light bulb went on in my head and I knew this fabric would be perfect. I just needed to step out for pink piping supplies - and managed to come home with fabric for two more pairs. Not sorry at all.

The pattern went together easily, but also offered some slightly more challenging details that really make it special.  I chose to make my first pair with piping, and I think this was the first time I've ever so successfully inserted piping into a project! I used a solid pink flannel for the piping and belt. The instructions said to use a zipper foot, and that really helped me achieve a great finish. (I'm sure most people already know to use a zipper foot, but not this gal).

Polka Dotted Flannel Tofino

The other detail that I love is the faux-fly. I also want to say that this was the first project where I successfully created a buttonhole. Two of them in fact. I've had my new sewing machine for over a year, but hadn't attempted buttonholes until this project. And look at them! I love the pink contract thread.

I had multiple variations planned as soon as I saw the pattern, but so far only finished this second pair:

Plaid Tofino

I really wanted to play with a different fabric for the side panel. Both of these are cotton flannels from Joann Fabrics.  I also tried to just use the fabric tie belt, but went back in and added the elastic that the pattern called for. The combo of both the elastic and belt achieved a much better fit than the tie alone.

Plaid Flannel Tofino - Back

This seriously calls for a happy dance and/or lounge pants party at my place! And, I have fabric all cut out and waiting for my third version :-)


  1. I love both versions! The plaid looks great with the plain insert. Definitely happy dance worthy!