Saturday, January 12, 2013

Finished Burda Gathered Top

I work from home and make it a point to at not wear my pajamas to work. I change into something other than PJs before logging in for the day, but that "something" definitely isn't fancy. Lately, my standard work wardrobe of sweats left much to be desired and I needed to make some changes.

Enter a scoop neck sweatshirt I saw, and have been obsessing about, in a magazine.  It wasn't anything fancy - an oversized yet slightly fitted top with raglan sleeves.  I took to calling it "classy lounge wear" and I wanted it!  It would be an improvement over my standard work wardrobe of grubby sweats. 

I searched just about every pattern company website I could find looking for something similar and came across Burda's Gathered Top #119 . It was perfect for me and gave me a base I could work with.

Burda Gathered Top #119

I'm not always a fan of print out patterns, but had no choice. It's nothing against the pattern companies, I just hate taking the time to tape all of the sheets together. Surprisingly, this went together very fast (for me), and I if I had started sewing sooner I would have completed this top in one night. When it was all said and done, it probably took me about three hours to complete (not counting the time it took to assemble the pattern.) This project may turn me into a print at home fan after all.

I actually debated between the 38 and 40, but then decided to go with the 40 (equivalent to US 8) but not add the full seam allowance.  I thought this was genius and would give me the fit I desired. The other modifications I made were to omit the bottom ruffle and not cut the neck band on the bias. The gathered sleeves were not in the original inspiration sweatshirt, but I really liked the design detail and decided to leave it in.

The fabric was taupe jersey I purchased at the Textile Discount Warehouse in Chicago. I'm really becoming a fan of that place, and of sewing knits. I used to be terrified of the fabric, but it's amazing what a difference a new machine with a working zigzag stitch makes!

The verdict - I love it and think it's not bad for not really paying attention to the seam allowances (or sewing instructions for that matter). The scoop neck is a little too wide, or at least wider than I intended and it does give me that 80s vibe, but it's still completely wearable.

Hello 1980s! I just need some legwarmer and neon hoop earrings to complete the look.

I'll definitely be making another version of this. I have some similar dark green jersey that I also purchased at the Textile Discount Warehouse.  For the next one, I'll work on making the neck smaller by taking in a couple inches from all of the pieces at the neckline. I'll also make the neck band slightly smaller in order to get the neck to lay flatter on me.

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