Thursday, January 17, 2013

Burda Top - Part II

Guess who finished their second Burda gathered top?

That's right, I did!

I love the gathered sleeve detail. (Sorry, the picture is a bit grainy.)

And, check out that awesome seam.  I don't know what it is, but sometimes I just have to step back and admire a finished seam.  There's something perfect about the evenness of of stitches and the fact that I look at it and think that it looks identical (or better) to that of a store bought garment.

It's not flashy, but it fits into my wardrobe beautifully.

I used the Burda Gathered Top Pattern again and cut out a size 40, again.  The fabric was dark green jersey that I picked up for a steal at the Textile Discount Outlet.

Here's what I did differently this time around:  I pinched out about 1.5" from the neckline of each pattern piece.  (I didn't take pictures of the pattern adjustment because it wasn't pretty to look at.)  I also shortened the neckband, which helps keep it in place while it's worn.  The finished shirt kept the oversized neckline that I wanted, but did not stretch it to 1980s proportions like my previous shirt.

Next up - I'm about half way through sewing my Gram's house dress and need to crank out a pair of lounge pants that I promised my husband before I can move on to "The List".  I'll share details about "The List" with you on a later post.

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