Thursday, January 24, 2013

A Quick Little Project

It's been an extremely busy week, but I found some time to finish this:

McCall's Easy 2250 House Dress

This is just a quick project I finally finished for my Grandma - a flannel house dress using McCall's Easy 2250 (out of print).  It's not fancy, and certainly not an amazingly exciting project to blog about, but I think it still tells a story.

It doesn't matter if I'm whipping up a quick flannel-based project or an elaborate evening dress, I try very hard to put the effort in to make sure that it's well constructed and that the garment will last.

A project like this makes me realize that even though it's something that I consider simple and quick, a lot of thought, care and love when into it's construction.

McCall's Easy 2250 House Dress

I was very careful with my fabric selection. It needed to be soft enough for her to wear comfortably and keep her warm. Fabric selection is important in all garments really - taking the time to make match up the appropriate fabric to not just the appropriate pattern but to the wearer's lifestyle. 

While I may hand wash my handmade clothes or at least protect them with garment bags, this flannel dress will get no such tender loving care.  To me this means all seams are finished, whether or not they are covered by the facing.  I'm addicted to my serger and no seam is safe from it's clutches. I want to make sure that a garment like this will hold up to repeated washes and that it's built to last!

See those red arrows? Those indicate all hidden serged seams.  I'm not taking any chances with my Grandma's dress coming apart!

McCall's Easy 2250 House Dress Interior
I brought this dress over to my Grandma at her nursing home today and it was a hit.  She loved it was excited to wear it tomorrow. I'm happy to know that this quick little project see a lot of use. Now, I need to decide what color dress to make next for her.

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