Thursday, April 25, 2013

Another Cambie! This One is Wool!

I've finished the third in what will become my Cambie Quartet. (The fourth will be the white floral Cambie that I mentioned here.) I was so excited to photograph and post pictures that I haven't even trimmed all the thread of removed all of the cat fur yet!

Black Wool Cambie

 Black Wool Cambie Back

I have a few minor seam puckering issues in the back, but I feel that I can either steam these out or make a few minor tweaks to the back seam to perfect the fit.

I purchased the wool from Vogue Fabrics. (As always, it was in the remnant section.) I don't exactly know what type of wool it is, maybe wool crepe?  I'll be honest, I wouldn't know wool crepe if it bit me on the ass. I hear it's wonderful and I would really like to work with it, but I've never actually sought it out. This fabric has a nice drape, slightly woven texture, but does not fray (or only very, very minor fraying).

I was all set to cut out and make another Burda pencil skirt with this wool.  The pattern calls for 1 yard, but I had 1 3/4 yards and I didn't want the extra fabric to go to waste! So, I decided a more yardage-appropriate pattern should be used to take advantage of this wonderful fabric.  Cambie to the rescue, yet again.

Production notes: Like all of my Cambies, I cut a size 6 for the top and graded to a size 8 at the hips. I also made my standard swayback and shoulder modifications, mentioned here.

I decided on the "less sweet" straight neck version because I wanted this to be a good business/work event dress.  I also wanted to simplify the straps to make it easier to layer under jackets or cardigans.  Instead of the gathered shell pieces, I used the lining pattern piece for both the shell and lining for a straight strap.

Black Wool Cambie Modified Strap

The lining was wine-colored mystery satin fabric that I've had in my stash since high school.  It's so beautiful and think there must be some silk in the fabric content.  Almost too pretty to use just as a lining, but I like that extra touch of luxury.

Cambie Lining Detail

I also scraped together enough lining fabric to make bias tape for Hong Kong seams on the shell. I was really running low after cutting out the pattern pieces. (Not the best picture, but don't you think the cat fur really makes this shot?)

This dress just screams for a touch of color, and I love the lining fabric.  With the few scraps that I have left, I plan to either purchase a belt kit or try to pull enough scraps together to make a cute sash. 

Cambie - Ideas for Belt

I love that I can style this with so many other pieces. It's a great, simple basic dress to have in my wardrobe.

Black Wool Cambie

(Note 5/19/13: I've since returned to Vogue, and am now proud to say that I know what wool crepe is. This isn't it. I managed to find a very similar bolt of fabric called "novelty wool", if I remember the name correctly.) 


  1. Black wool crepe (possibly) is a fantastic idea for a Cambie! This looks absolutely lovely.

  2. The inside is so pretty! It almost looks reversible :) Love it!

    1. Thanks. I kind of wish I had finished the inside better and it was reversible. But then, I know I'd probably end up snagging the satin on something the first time I wore it.

  3. Beautiful! This is going to be so versatile for you. I love it with the pink scarf. And the cat hair, of course :-)

    Funny - I started making another Cambie the other day too!