Tuesday, April 16, 2013

Knit Taffy

I remember reading on a style blog that it's a good practice to "shop" your own closet - try to look at the clothes in your closet the same way you would look at clothes in a store.  I decided I should take that same approach with my fabric stash the other night when trying to decide on my next sewing project. It was fun to rediscover and better appreciate some of the fabric that I have instead of rushing out to buy something new for a project.

I came across a see-through knit print that I purchased from Vogue Fabrics. I actually think this was one of the rare times that I didn't pick up a knit from the remnant section, but the fabric bolt was lurking close by. (Basically, most of my casual wardrobe comes from the Vogue remnant section these days.) I decided a while back that this would be perfect for Colette's Taffy pattern. Sure, the pattern calls for a fine fabric like chiffon, but I'd get way more use out of a knit.

I'm pretty sure that I purchased the Colette Sewing Handbook specifically for the Taffy pattern. Maybe it was the sleeves that caught my attention, or maybe it was the striped bias binding in their sample that made me stand up and take notice. So fluffy, so flirty, so cute.

I cut a size 4 but added a bit of length at the bottom. I didn't measure it, but probably about 1 to 2 inches. In hindsight, I should have gone longer.  I also didn't flip or trace the pattern.  I like to live on the edge and just folded the fabric in half on a diagonal in two corners and cut my piece.  It's knit, it will stretch, and it will be forgiving if not cut exactly on the bias.  I'd obviously be much more careful if making this with a more delicate fabric.

Colette Taffy - Front

I honestly did not even notice that this pattern had a back tie until halfway through sewing.  For me it was all about the sleeves and bias trim.

 Colette Taffy - Back

I used an old, yellow shirt for my bias binding. The shirt has been in my scrap pile forever. I never wore it, but the fabric was too interesting to throw away.  Of course, I probably should have researched the finished dimensions of the 1/2" double fold bias binding called for in the pattern.  Apparently, end ends up being 1/4" wide when folded and sewn.  Ooops!

Colette Taffy - Bias Binding Detail

I also love that the entire shirt has French seams! It did add time to the construction, but I love how the finished garment is so neat professional on the inside.

Colette Taffy - French Seams

And action shots:

The verdict: I like it, but I'm not sure if this shirt is exactly "me".  It's cute on the dress form, but maybe cuter there than on me? But then, I've been saying that about a lot of clothes lately.

If I were to make another, I'd move the ties up so that they would cinch the shirt at my natural waist and I would add more length. I personally like shirts that fall lower, and think they are more flattering on me.  To me, it also has an 80's vibe that I am almost ashamed to say I've been gravitating towards lately.

Never fear, it won't languish in my closet. I'll still wear it with pride and I'm sure the style will grow on me a bit more.


  1. I like it in knit!

    I have the same feeling about the Taffy: I love it on everybody else, but somehow I can't see myself wearing it.

    1. I know. I'm trying to figure out if I'm just being too critical and not as open to new designs, or if it truly just isn't my style. But then, I wasn't sold on Cambie at first either, and now I'm working on my fourth one :)