Wednesday, March 27, 2013

Tool Time!

It's been at least a month since I've made a pair of lounge pants.  I'm going through some serious withdrawal here!

I have grand designs of making shirts, pants, suit jackets, etc. for my husband some day. So far I've only managed to make lounge pants.  Lots and lots of lounge pants. (Knitted projects don't count. I knitted an awesome cabled sweater a number of years ago for him, and a few winter hats.)  Lounge pants are great because he always wears them around the house.

He picked out the tool-print flannel fabric on one of the many times he had the misfortune to accompany me to the fabric store :) He also graciously agreed to model them for me:

McCall's 3019 Lounge Pants

This is my go-to lounge pants pattern, McCall's 3019 (out of print).  The only modification, other than chopping a serious amount of length on the leg (we're vertically challenged in this house), is to reinforce the crotch seams with a line of top stitching. It really helps make these last longer and prevent any rips or blow outs.

McCall's 3019 Lounge Pants

And, my favorite part is the label.  I just get the biggest kick out of making these!

Custom "Ass Goes Here" Label

Honestly, to me this pattern isn't complete without this label.  I did try to get too fancy with the edge stitches, but what's the point if I can't have fun and experiment from time to time?

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