Thursday, March 21, 2013

Burda Kimono

Ever since I saw this Mood blog post featuring a Thakoon silk print kimono, I've wanted one.  This is seriously amazing.  However, I've been trying to talk myself out of buying the fabric for it since it's expensive ($35/yard) and newly responsible me is now saving up for a house. Stash fabric to the rescue!

I found a Burda kimono pattern that I thought would work reasonably well and decided to finally use a very thin silk fabric that I've had in my stash for probably over 15 years. (Wow, has it been that long?) This was acquired back in high school during shopping trip with my friend and her mom to Devon Avenue.  If you're in Chicago and you've never been to Devon,you really should.  It's an amazing collection of Indian and Pakistani stores for blocks and blocks, including a few fabric stores.  This silk been in my stash for years waiting for the perfect project, and reminding me of a happy afternoon.

Burda Silk Kimono
I'm not sure exactly what type of silk this is, but I was surprised by how little trouble I had while sewing.  I expected it to be a nightmare and my machine to snag and catch it like crazy.  Nope, this silk was pretty awesome to sew.

Burda Silk Kimono Band Detail

I probably had about two yards, and really wanted to take advantage of the floral border print.  I cut out a size 38 and did no alterations other than omitting the pockets due to lack of fabric.  I also had to use some extra blue lining fabric that I had lying around for the belt, but I really like the color contrast.

Burda Silk Kimono Seam Details

This is one of the first projects in a very long time that I did not serge.  French seams all the way baby!  It took extra time, but it was worth it.

Burda Silk Kimono

Some "action shots" for you. I think this pattern is definitely a winner. Someday, I hope to make the Thakoon silk dream version but until then, I really do love my new kimono.

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