Monday, March 11, 2013

T-Shirt Club

Last Sunday, my friend and I got together for the first meeting of our T-Shirt Club.  The idea was that we'd get a group of friends together and decorate shirts. It ended up just being the two of us, but it was definitely fun!

Since I'm still on my "I'm not going to buy any clothes, I'm going to make them all" kick, I decided to see what Renfrew fabric I had.  Then inspiration hit.  I wanted a Doctor Who t-shirt. (You might have seen the teaser image in my earlier blog post.) I also happened to have a "tardis blue" fabric in my stash that I had previously tried to sew with my old sewing machine - the machine that was no longer capable of completing a zig zag stitch. It was tragic. This was the fabric that scared me off stretch knits for years! I also decided that I'd never actually wear this color. Well, never say never:

Doctor Who Renfrew T-Shirt

My background was inspired by the galaxy shoes I found on Etsy.  I used fabric paint and glitter to achieve the galaxy effect.  The Tardis image was created using an iron on transfer and going over some parts with fabric paint.

I didn't get my act in gear in time to sew the shirt and just brought the front to the party.  Since then, I've been able to finish.

Doctor Who Renfrew Shirt

I omitted the cuffs and bottom band and opted to instead serge, folder over and hem. I started using my twin needle at the bottom hem and managed to bend it. Of course, I didn't realize it was bent until after I had to unpick two rather large sections of the neck hem. (It must be my tension - oh wait. That needle isn't supposed to be curved like that!)  It's a good thing this fabric is forgiving. I gave up and opted for two lines with the single needle instead.

Doctor Who Renfrew Shirt - Neck Detail

I'm planing a second, Dr. Who inspired shirt. I love using the Renfrew as the blank canvas and incorporating my own designs.

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