Thursday, June 13, 2013

Just Takin' My Time, Sewing my Lonsdale

Quality sewing time has been kind of hard to find lately. Between being super busy at work, house hunt and most important, trying to spend time outside enjoying summer, I haven't made much progress on my Lonsdale.

I'm still plugging away on it, trying to do a little bit every night or two.  There's not much to report, but tonight I finally finished the bodice:

Yellow Eyelet Lonsdale Bodice

I underlined the yellow eyelet with white mystery fabric. (Is it cotton batiste? Is it some poly blend? Who knows, but I sure do love my mystery fabrics.) Only problem I found was that it was still too sheer.  I was originally going to use that for the lining, but instead chose to piece together the lining from left over muslin I had lying around.

It's become a game.  How far can I get before I break down and go to the fabric store? I think it might happen soon. The skirt might be too sheer for comfort without another layer.

Also, how amazing would a dress this color look with say a robin's egg blue belt?  I must find or make one to go with this!

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  1. It's looking so pretty! It's really a gorgeous fabric!