Sunday, July 14, 2013

White Eyelet Hazel

In case you haven't noticed, things have been pretty slow around Chez Makizy.  We're currently packing up and moving to temporary digs at the end of the month, which unfortunately doesn't leave me with too much quality sewing time. Oh well, it's just a step toward our dream of owning our own house and me having my own sewing room! Things should pick back up in August.

Ms Macy is always ready to take time off from packing and supervise whatever sewing takes place.

The other good news, my laptop is finally back up an running. I have a sweet new hard drive and reinstalled Adobe, so I'm ready to blog!

This poor Hazel has been in a state of being almost done for about 2 weeks now. I finally finished yesterday:

White Eyelet Hazel Dress

I have to say that I had the hardest time photographing this dress! There is nothing clean in my apartment at the moment because of my packing. Also my back porch, where I've been taking most of my pictures lately, is being painted and off limits.  This was my best picture, taken before the dress was hemmed.

Pattern: Colette's Hazel 

Fabric: White cotton eyelet with a mint green cotton underlying (quilting cotton and proud of it), both from Joann Fabric

Size and Modifications: For the bodice I cut a size 2 in width, but cut the length of a size 6 (if that makes sense). I really wanted to avoid the bodice appearing too short. I know that's how the pattern is drafted, and I do have a higher waist, but I didn't want to appear cut off or have the dress be too baby-doll like. I cut a size 6 for the skirt but cut the size 18 length. I needed extra length and know I'd never wear it if it was too short.

Instead of gathers, I went with pleats for the skirt. Since my fabric was a bit stiff, I wanted to cut down on some of the bulk at the waist and figured that pleats would work better.

Hazel Dress Underlining
Mint Green Underlining

Thoughts: I still don't think Colette patterns are quite "me". I love them on people, and I am still going to keep trying, but not sure I'm in love with this. I'm definitely "in like" with it.

See how happy I look?  I wasn't kidding when I said earlier that I had a hard time taking good photos of this. This is probably the best front facing shot of me wearing the finished dress.

Guess I'm just more photogenic from the back :)

I read a lot of reviews about the pointy bust darts and yep, those suckers are pointy! I may have to do some further adjustments here.  I also should have cut a larger size skirt.  This one is my fault. It's not tight, but I don't like the way it puffs so much around my hips.  Not that I am against that, in the right dress, but this one should have been more flowy.

I think if I make this again, and I probably will, I'll add a waist band to further lengthen the bodice. I'm happy with the length, but want more. I'll also either cut a larger size skirt or try using a skirt from a different pattern.


  1. I think it's beautiful, and I really like this look on you! But I know what you mean: I have the same feeling about Cake patterns. I like them on other people, but they're not the type of clothes I would want to wear. Just not me.

    I do hope you will get some wear out of this - it's lovely!

    1. Thanks so much Gail. Oh, I'm definitely going to wear it :) I'll probably even make another one, because I'm stubborn. I'm determined to have the same feeling with Colette patterns that I have when wearing Sewaholic patterns, it's just going to take time and adjustments.