Tuesday, January 21, 2014

A New Beginning

It may be a bit late to say this, but I'm very happy to see 2013 go. It was a year where the negatives outnumbered the positives, and I'm looking forward to a new beginning this year. I don't plan to do a project roundup, I just want to keep moving forward and start creating new things again.

There have been a number of changes here at Chez Makizy, the biggest being that we have inherited a house. I've also become the owner of a "few" more cats. I'm sure they'll be making appearances on the blog from time to time.

This is Teddy, also know as Bear and yes, he is judging you.

I'm also ready to sew again. I have a house to decorate and organize and clothes to make. To help me on my merry sewing journey, my wonderful husband purchased cutting mat and rotary cutter for me for Christmas. How did I ever live without one of these?  LOVE IT!!!!

I'm also joining the Stash Diet party!


Seriously, what a great idea!  If you're not familiar with this, head on over to Today's Agenda for details.  I've decided not to be hard on myself and set a fixed goal.  Come on, a girl needs some retail therapy every now and then.  Instead I will be realistic and will pledge to do my absolute best to only sew from my stash. I will try to only purchase fabric if necessary to complete an existing project, or if it's needed for a gift.  Let's see how long it lasts!

Finally, I wouldn't really call this a New Year's resolution, but I'm going to try to not let photos hold me back from blogging. I love blogs with great photography, and do my best to try to do the same on mine. The problem is that I currently don't have ideal conditions to photograph projects and I've let that hold me back from posting. Well, this blog is supposed to be fun and my creative outlet, so there will be a lot more cell phone photos this year :-)


  1. Glad to have you back! Congrats on the rotary cutter and mat! I don't know what I'd do without mine (in fact, it's time to replace the mat - they don't self-heal forever!). Can't wait to see what you come up with this year!

    1. Thanks Lisa. I'm kind of excited to see what happens this year also. So many project ideas and so much stash fabric, but so little time.

  2. (Grrr. Blogger ate my comment! I think I said:)

    I have the same feeling about 2013 - good riddance!

    And I'm glad you're joining us in the Stash Diet! I think you're smart to take it easy on yourself this year, but with a focus toward using what you already have.

    1. Thanks Gail. I've talked to a number of people who are really happy to see 2013 go (for various reasons).

      I'm pretty excited about the stash diet. I feel as if I'm drowning in fabric sometimes (stash fabric and clothes that I think I can repurpose). I just hope to get all of my fabric sources under control!