Thursday, September 5, 2013

Finished Floral Saltspring

Here it is, my completed first Saltspring dress. I love everything about this!

Floral Saltspring Dress

Technically this is my "wearable muslin", so that I can perfect the fit before cutting into my Thakoon silk

Floral Saltspring Dress

Pattern: Saltspring Dress from Sewaholic.

Fabric: The fabric is from an extra large rayon dress that I picked up for a couple of bucks at my local Village Discount Thrift store.  It's 100% rayon, and so soft! I was in a "I want Hawaiian inspired fabric" mood when scoping the place out that day, and this fit the bill perfectly.

I also used a light pink cotton batiste (not pictured) left over from other projects for the pockets and bodice lining.

Before and After

Size and Modifications:  I cut a 4 for the top and graded to an 8 at the hips. I normally also do a swayback adjustment, but chose not this time. I figured that blousing effect would negate the need to make this adjustment. Looking at the pictures, I'm not sure. I think the dress still looks great, and am not sure if the lack of adjustment is noticeable to anyone but me, but I still might make the swayback for my silk version.

Floral Saltspring Dress

I did not have enough fabric to cut the flared skirt and had to adjust it to a dirndl skirt. It's not absolutely ideal, but also probably not that noticeable and I have to work with what I have. Also, for the purposes of this "muslin", was more important for me to test out the fit on top.

I did not have enough dress fabric to cut the lining pieces, and used some leftover pink cotton batiste from my stash.

For the ties, the original dress had waist ties, which I repurposed as is for the back ties. I did cut and sew new front ones. For my next version, I might shorten them a bit, or go with one of the many strap variations I've seen floating around the blogosphere.

Final Verdict: Love, Love, LOVE this! Still going back and forth over potential adjustments, but nothing that makes me like my first version any less.

The location for these photos was Gallery Park in Glenview, IL.  I call it Cormorant Park.  Here's why:

Double-crested Cormorants. Love them! (I'm kind of a bird nerd.)

Okay, deep breaths.. it's time to cut into my silk now.  Wish me luck!


  1. That looks so great on you! You are definitely ready for the silk!

    1. Thanks. I bit the bullet and started cutting the silk last night and wow, that took forever! I'm probably going to need a couple of drinks to get through this project :)